Meet The Redesigned Dorian Prize at the “Dorians TV Toast 2020 on Revry”

Las Vegas, NV Aug. 23, 2020—There’s a new (old) honor in Hollywood, and soon, everybody is going to want one!

The Society of LGBTQ Entertainment Critics is happy to introduce the new and improved Dorian Award as part of the Dorians TV Toast 2020 on Revry. The prize was designed by Karel (Charles Karel Bouley) and artist Jason Young for Pearl Image in Palm Springs, Ca.

Jason Young working on the new Dorians


“We were sending out Cue Cards that were printed with the award on it as an homage to Hollywood of old,” GALECA Founder/President John Griffiths stated. “But when Karel came to me with this new idea, I knew we had to run with it.”

“Well, I love that the awards are named after the only novel written by Oscar Wilde, ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray,’” Karel began. “So I thought we should play on that theme. I immediately called Jason (Young) and asked if he would do computer portraits on canvas of each winner. He and I talked about using computer imagery versus traditional painting. We felt Dorian would move in to the computer age full steam (punk) ahead.”
The result is an 8” x 8” portrait of the winner printed on Canvas, placed on a black wooden easel and covered in a velvet cloak with the Dorian Logo in gold metallic on the front.
“We tell the recipients to make sure nothing happens to their award, lest Dorian’s fate befall them should the image get damaged,” he laughed. “In all realness, however, I am so proud of the work Jason did, the great inspiration with had from Oscar Wilde and the work John has put in to the awards to have something to take to the next level,” he concluded.
“The response has already been overwhelming positive,” Griffiths added. “A few people have already gotten them as of this writing, and they truly are finding them unique and a keepsake, which is what we wanted,” he added.
To see who won the new prizes tune in to The Dorians TV Toast 2020 on Revry at Revry.tv or @revry
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