“The Celtic Ride” on Amazon Creator Louise Rawlins Chimes in from Ireland at The Dorians!

‘From Bedroom to Amazon’

Louise Rawlins Traynor thought exploring Ireland on a motorbike and turning that into an adventure-documentary for the World to see would make for an exciting project. Over Winter ’18, Louise planned three episodes for ‘The Celtic Ride’ from her bedroom in the evenings, jotting down ideas while sitting in bed. Louise never worked in TV or film before and set out to learn the ropes.

Louise decided there is no better time to delve into the World of motorcycling and decided to get her own bike licence. Her training and first ride out around Dublin were filmed as part of the show. She then decided on the riders to take part, as each episode shadows a set of riders who also take part in adventures along their trip.

Fast forward to June 2019 and filming began. Louise arranged a wedding for a couple on the viewing point of the highest sea-cliffs in Ireland. Four lady riders from Boston to tour south east Ireland and sail on the Atlantic Ocean. And a group of men from Florida to go through a gruelling 3 day off-road training course.

“Creating the Celtic Ride documentary was a thrilling project. I never studied or worked in film production, I researched tv production morning, noon and night. I’m naturally a creative person and envision how I wanted this show to turn out. I wanted to learn to ride just to make this show.

I look at the great World around me and I see things that if shared, will fill the hearts of others. Life is full of experiences and enjoyment which some of us are lucky to live through. It’s up to us to bring that to others, and I hope this show brings that to everyone”, Louise Rawlins Traynor, Creator & Executive Producer of The Celtic Ride.

At the moment, The Celtic Ride is available on the Celtic Ride website (www.thecelticride.com) along with Amazon Prime in the USA and UK and, other territories are expected to be made available soon along with national broadcast stations.

You can take part in the adventures as seen in The Celtic Ride through Celtic Rider Ireland. Contact Celtic Rider Ireland at www.celticrider.com.

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