Eddie McGuinness “Queen of Matchmaking” Ireland visits “The Dorians TV Toast 2020 on Revry”

We wanted to go to Ireland to see where Oscar Wilde was born and that required the Queen of Matchmaking, Eddie McGuinness!

Eddie McGuinness “Queen of Matchmaking” & Activist in Ireland draw’s on considerable experience in promotion and event management for over 30 plus years. Eddie is Founder and Co-Chair of The Outing Festival “World’s Only LGBT+ Matchmaking, Music & Queer Arts Festival” and Dublin LGBTQ + Pride Festival & Parade Manager; a multi-faceted celebration attracting the participation of 100,000+ people and now Ireland’s largest LGBT + Pride Festival. Eddie has also designed and hosted highly publicised LGBT events, including “Club Tease” award-winning gay club to Award-winning Magazine ‘free! Magazine’, Ireland’s second-longest-running Gay Magazine which similarly fused gay culture and traditional Ireland garnering national media coverage.

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History-making, openly-gay Entertainer, Talk Show Host, Author and Producer.

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