Karel.Media And Revry to Release ‘Dorians Film Toast 2020’

Las Vegas, NV — Karel.Media and GALECA are happy to announce that the eight minute short film shot by Karel.Media/Brandon Riley Miller of the February 2020 Dorians Film Toast in Hollywood, CA will debut on the streaming service Revry (@revrytv) in September 2020. The short film will highlight the standout events of the annual toast detailed in the press release from GALECA below.
“It was the last thing we shot before the pandemic, the last gathering we had,” Karel stated. Karel is not only in charge of Karel.Media but a member of GALECA since the group’s inception. “I’ve always wanted to get something on tape for the Toast, and what a year to start! The celebrities that just happened to drop by were, well, incredible,” he added.
Jonah Bleckman, Director of Communications and Events for Revry, was ecstatic as well. “I’ve been to the toasts and wanted to do something for some time,” he stated. “We are so glad to have this chance to begin to share the work of GALECA through the Toasts and other productions from Karel.Medai on Revry,” he added. “This can only grow.” 
The eight minute short with John Griffiths, head of GALECA, as well as Antonio Banderas, Olivia Wilde and many more begins airing in September of 2020. To to for more info on air times.


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