We’d Like to Thank . . .

Many people helped Karel.Media in the production of our two-hour

‘Dorians TV Toast 2020 on Revry’ special

• • • • •

Thanks to the 270 members of the Society of LGBTQ Entertainment Critics
and the group’s founder, John Griffiths, for making the show possible

To every single winner and presenter—and their teams. Just wow. Stay safe. Many thanks.

To the first person to receive a redesigned Dorian Award: Billy Porter!

To Chad Michaels, the first to say, “Yes, I’d love to present!”

This was a team effort, but to appease the formula of things:


Written, Produced and Directed by
Karel (Charles Karel Bouley), Karel.Media / Las Vegas

Director of Photography, Editor and Executive Producer
Brandon Riley Miller
(Well, look what we got in to this time!)

Executive Producer / Creative Consultant
John Griffiths
(Hey, there’s a barn! Let’s do a show!)

Executive In Charge of Talent
Makiko Ushiyama
(I still can’t believe it)

Graphics / Titles
Brandon Riley Miller
(Render this!)

Additional Graphics / Web Assets
Jason Young, Pearl Image
(Wouldn’t be a project without you. F**k cancer!)

Voice Over / Announcer
Mark Keene
(Well, 30 years later, who knew?)

“Toast!/Raise a Glass!”
© 2020 Karel and Morgan Mallory. Used by permission. Published by Karel.Media and Morgan Mallory Music
(Please go listen to Morgan Mallory everywhere, he’s soooo good! And cute, too.)

“Toast 2” By
© 2020 Karel and Dave Rooney of The Black Donnellys. Used by permission. Published by Karel.Media and BMI
(I emailed and you answered. Slainté!)

Additional Support Staff:
Daniel Charleston, Steven Cabral
(Not the blue gummy!)

Special Consultant
Hanna Bolte
(Reinvent, Reimagine, Renew)

Dorian Award Conceived by
John Griffiths for the Society of LGBTQ Entertainment Critics

Current Dorian Award Trophy Designed by
© 2020 Karel and Jason Young. All rights reserved.

Award Paintings by
Jason Young of Pearl Image
(Basil Hallward’s got nothing on you)

Dorian Award Logo Designed by
Sarah Gensert

Additional Awards Artwork by
Dan Allen

Executive in Charge of Karel
Ember Tereese
(She literally has saved my life more times than I can count)

Now, Thanks to . . . 

The Revry team: Jonah Blechman, Damian Pelliccione, Christopher Rodriguez, Scott Motisko, Lashawn McGhee

Heather McGrath, Emily Durbin, Jake McGrath, Ari McGrath and Andy Howard because . . .

And Brandon Riley Miller, again, because he deserves it. Curtis Blevins, we miss you—next time?

Eddie McGuinness of The Outing Festival, Louise Rawlins of Amazon Prime’s The Celtic Ride

Our Incredible Presenters for Stopping by the Virtual Pub

Chad Michaels, Bruce Vilanch, Dave Koz, Thomas Roberts, Kate Rose Wilburn, Shangela, Stephanie Miller, Rafael Casal, Margaret Cho, Laverne Cox, Lea Delaria, Alex Newell, Shira Lazar, Rosanna Arquette, David Arquette and Josh Thomas

Please note: Bruce Vilanch wrote his own monologue. I’m not that good.

Our Gracious Honorees

Kristian Milsted, Gregory Middleton, Rebecca Chailklin, Harvey Gullién, John Oliver, Annie Murphy, Damon Lindelof, Regina King,
Fiona Shaw, Sally Woodward Gentle, Suzanne Heathcote, Hugh Jackman, Billy Porter, Janelle Monaé and Dan Levy

And our Society of LGBTQ Entertainment Critics Panelists

Tre’vell Anderson, Erik Anderson, Jose Alejandro Bastidas, Eric Andersson, Manual Betancourt, Kevin Fallon, Topher Gauk-Roger, Tracy Gilchrist, Ren Jender, Liz Shannon Miller, Michael Musto, Tariq Raouf, Dino-Ray Ramos, Jane Velez-Mitchell, Wadooah Wali and John Griffiths

Photos and Videos Courtesy of





CBS All Access

Comedy Central










Hilary Bronwyn Gayle / Showtime



Andrew Werner (Michael Musto)


©2020 All rights reserved by the above entities. Images and clips used by express permission.

Thanks very much as well to . . . 

Erik Anderson / Awards Watch 

Jori Arancio / WarnerMedia

Haley Baker / FX

Desiree Barnett / HBO 

Court Barrett / IDPR

Jackie Berkowitz / Netflix

Adam Bittner / Lionsgate

Jenevieve Brewer 

Jordan Budde

John Carrabino

Kelly Caton / Netflix

Sneh Chawla / HBO

Chris Cottle / Freeform

Fox Deatry

Massimo Dobrovic

Abagail Durkin / Showtime 

Sofia Elias / HBO

Morgan Fouch / Showtime

Patrick Gerety / Netflix

Michelle Goldstein / HBO

Adriana Gomez-Weston

Mark Graham / Leopold Mgmt

Yvonne Graham / Freeform

Erica Gray / Viewpoint PR

Julie Heath / HBO

Jon Hensen / HBO

Lauren Hilliard / Rogers & Cowan PMK

Sarah Hogan / Awards Insider

Karen Jones / HBO

Larry Kenar 

Judi Kerr / Judi Kerr PR

Susan Kesser / FX

Logan Kovarick / Innovative Artists

Katie Lanegran / AMC Networks

Ken Lee / Brillstein Entertainment Partners

Linda Lewis / Left of Center Productions

Melissa Donovan / Left of Center Productions 

Mike Liotta / PR Machine

Erin Lowery / Lionsgate

Elif Mamak / IDpr

Sarah Martin 

Mark Maynard / HBO

Heather McHale / AMC Networks

Clay Mills / The Katz Company

Liv Moore / Netflix 

Patrick Moran

Monique Nancarrow / Slate PR

Sydney Narvaez / Slate PR

Alan Nierob / Rogers & Cowan PMK

Catherine Owens / HBO

Ken Phillips / Ken Phillips Publicity Group

Jessica Pierson / Vision PR

Hillary Povar

Kristen Ray / AMPAS

Michele Schweitzer 

Matt Severson / AMPAS

Matt Shaffer / Innovative Artists

Dustin Smith / Smithhouse Strategy

Mateo Solis / WME

Kayla Spector / HBO

Andy Stabile / ICM

Liz Stanton 

Hannah Sward

Laura Swensen / Netflix 

Angela Tarantino / HBO

Tony Vanderzanden / VZ Tech Solutions

Cassandra Vargas / Rogers & Cowan PMK

Julie Beavers / Netflix

Sean Walsh / DailyMailTV

Chris Walters / Awards Insider

Patrice Westover / FX

Megan Zehmer / 42 West

Susanna Zimmerman / AMC Networks

A special expression of gratitude to

Gabrielle Free / CTV


Ember and Jojo (or Jojo and Ember)

• • • • • •

“The Picture of Karel Bouley” by Karen A. Dittman (Oil on canvas)

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